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Client version 9.7.2 is now available. To read about the list of enhancements this client includes, please review the client´s version history at http://www.corp.att.com/agnc/windows/documentation/versionhistory.pdf.
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If you are using the AT&T Global Network Dialer to connect, follow the instructions below to change your access number. If you are using a different software package to connect, write down the access number you want to dial into and follow the instructions for your software package.

  1. Open the AT&T Global Network Dialer.
  2. At the Connection window, click the Setup button.
  3. Verify your account type (personal or business), account name, and user ID by clicking the Next button at each window.
  4. Verify that Internet is selected for the network to access and click Next.
  5. Verify that your modem is selected and click Next.
  6. Click the Dial Properties button.
  7. Click the New button next to the Location field.
  8. Give your travel location a name you can remember, such as the name of the city, and click OK.
  9. Select the country of your travel location and, if necessary, enter the area code.
  10. If necessary, change the Dial Properties at the bottom of the window. For example, many buildings require that you dial 9 when calling an outside line. Then, click OK.
  11. Click the Change button for your primary access number.
  12. Select the Country of your travel location. The access numbers specific to that country will display. Select the number of the city or province closest to your location.
  13. Choose a Protocol (PPP or SLIP) for your dial location (many access numbers offer only one protocol). Then, click OK.
  14. Click Finish to return to the Dialer connection window.
  15. At the connection window, click the Show Details checkbox.
  16. Select your travel location that you set up in the Calling from field.
  17. You should see the access number location in the Calling to field and the access number in the Number to dial field.
  18. When you return home, simply choose your home location (often called Default Location) in the Calling from field. This will change your Dialer settings back to your original settings. The next time you travel to this location, you can simply choose the location in the Calling from field.

For Version 5 users of the AT&T Global Network Dialer, please use the following procedures:

  1. From the main dialer window, Click Setup
  2. Check the option for "Change phone numbers or other connection settings"
  3. Click Next
  4. Verify "Access using your computer´s modem" is selected
  5. Click Next
  6. Verify your correct modem is selected
  7. Select your country of access
  8. Enter the calling from area code or city code as required by the country of access
  9. Enter any required Dial Prefix, or click the dropdown menu to see a list of predefined values (PBX access, disable call waiting)
  10. Click Next
  11. Verify Country is correct
  12. If not already selected, click Region. (This will display a list or States or Provinces)
  13. Select the State or Province you are accessing from by clicking the down arrow
  14. Once the state is selected, a list of access numbers and cities will appear
  15. Select the city and access number to dial
  16. Verify that the Number to be Dialed dial string is listed correct. For example, if 10 digit dialing is required or you have extra prefixes defined, the various dial strings will be listed by clicking the down arrow.
  17. Once the correct number and dial string are selected, click Next
  18. A dial summary page will be displayed. Verify your correct dial information is listed.
  19. Click Finish
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